Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What he said...

I like quotes. I like the way we can all interpret something different from one persons words. I often get lost wondering what that person actually meant when they put pen to paper or the words passed their lips. Have years of repetition misconstrued the original meaning or was it left ambiguous enough for people to establish the meaning themselves. I think it is important to keep a record of all the nice things people say. Quotes can pick us up and give us something to believe in when we are down or inspire us if we are stuck in a rut. They can remind us of an important moment in time or speak about feelings for another person that one might never be able to express on their own.

Recently I was introduced to a site called, a site dedicated to cataloging quotes for people to reference of just browse. The site is great and worth a look but while being read some of the quotes a funny feeling came over me. Each word of each quote began to sound muffled and distant as I slipped into a bit of a daydream about what I had heard. I was overwhelmed by the words all these amazing writers, philosophers and great people had said. Instead of feeling inspired or happy, I felt truly sad. All these amazing words sounded so perfect and so well written that I realised that this is something I will never ever have the ability to do, and that thought made my heart sink. Knowing that I'll never be able to communicate what I think and feel in the way these people do. I felt almost helpless and that saying another word was an insult to these writers.

I have never been that great with words, I'm not very clever, I don't read anywhere near enough as I should do and I always struggle to communicate my feelings. I just hope that the few words I manage to get out now and then mean enough to my family, loved ones and friends to not have to always rely on the words of others, unless of course they can say it better then me.

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