Monday, 21 December 2009


I have lots of images of Masonic and Illuminati symbols, some I have drawn and some that I have collected. I like symbols, hidden meaning and semiotics are an interesting subject to me.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Luke Overin

Just been on my friend Luke's blog and he has some really great new work up.
He has a great drawing style, no bullshit, no trendy nonsense, just straight up images that look amazing.

He is a fully sound guy too, none of the pretentiousness that too many artists and art school fools have these days.

Check out his band never again while your at it...
Southern straight edge back in effect!

Sam Sure and Giacomo- What Do They Know

I'm Pleased to inform you that my good friend Sam Sure and his boy Giacomo have had a video made for one of their new tunes.

The video work is done by Plastic Horse and I have to say its really well made and looks great.
It's really good to see Sam building up his game after so long going underrated.

Live the dream...