Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Gone but not forgotten...

This is an absolute waste.

The piece of art being painted over in this video is one of the most famous pieces of art, let alone graffiti ever. It has been an inspiration to millions of upcoming graffiti writers all over the world.

Its now been removed by a government hell bent on destroying any personality and lifestyle a lot of young people have nowadays. Graffiti is big business among modern youth culture and the culture of a lot of older generations. Its been around in a credible form of art since the 70's and has crept its way into the main stream ever since.

A member of the same crew as Saber (the artist behind the buffed piece), has recently work with such people as the L.A Times and other big names in advertising. Saber himself work for the Friends of the L.A River group to paint a mural on a scale model of the river. All artists need to get paid but when the people with the money and power turn on us and begin to push out all the hard work and history of graffiti, its time to stop lending our artwork and amazing talent to their cause.

Luckily Saber's piece has gone beyond the limits of the river and has been captured forever in hundreds of photographs and has been documented in many mainstream books. A great achievement for him and for our art form as a whole.

The piece maybe gone but it, and what it represents lives on and wont be forgotten.

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