Monday, 16 May 2011


As part of my professional development unit for my degree I arranged a short block of work experience at a screen printing studio in London. The studio is a shared space with artist Rob Ryan and churns out a great deal of important artwork in many different forms. I was interested in the business side run by a great guy called Stu. I had met Stu on a few occasions and knew he was the kind of guy I wanted to work with.

Over the week with Stu I got a really good look at his processes, how he works as a professional in an industry which he is extremely passionate about, and most of all, how he runs the studio.

As a keen screen printer myself I have a good concept of printmaking, however Stu still found ways to school me!

I felt that the experience with Stu was extremely useful and gave me a good look at what it would take to operate this kinda of business and survive. I would also like to return in future for a longer period to gain more knowledge of this field.

These picture show a bit of what I got up to...

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