Sunday, 8 November 2009


I haven't just been lazy, not doing anything but take photos, I have been doing alot more drawing recently, most of its for my friends bands and record labels but its made me get the pens and pencils out again.
Santa Karla's Demo/7inch artwork
Negative Approach rip off for my boys Never Again
Dirty money for a shirt
Carry The Weight Records, for their site and maybe a shirt some day...
A section of a design I did for my mates in Breaking Point, It was hand printed and folded around their demo CD. I was real happy with the art and the boys sold about 200 copies, screen printing all of them was a hard task!

The design got turned into a shirt too, I hand printed these bad boys, I think I did about 40 in total, 3 colours on the first lot, straight black on the other.
The black ones...
This is my favorite piece of art of late, for my boy Max's new band Wayfarer, Max is mad keen on his history, especially the whole Viking and Anglo Saxon, Celtic deal. He wanted something based on the famous Sutton Hoo helmet, the rest was pretty much up to me, this is the result. Its getting printed and pressed on 12inch record format.
Above is the front cover.
Back cover
An illustration for the insert
And the lyric sheet, all the lyrics and info are hand written, a long job!!

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